ef 30 Resilience Activator - 8123

ef 30 Resilience Activator

Optimises the natural repairing process of the skin, helping it prevent the appearance of signs of ageing. Vegetable collagen and the biotechnological anti-age and lifting principles improve tone, elasticity, diffusion and depth of wrinkles. The anti-oxidant and revitalising action of extracts of hops* and green tea* neutralise the harmful effect of free radicals. The oxygenating ingredients refresh and revitalise epithelial cells, providing them with oxygen and removing build ups of polluting elements that might have become englobed in the cells, providing a breath of well-being for the skin.

Proven efficacy: daily use of the product provides an immediate improvement to the smoothness, firmness, luminosity and micro-rugosity of skin.

1 fl.oz. (30 ml)


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