dsf 20 Night Cell Stress Reliever + Night Hush - 8141

dsf 20 Night Cell Stress Reliever + Night Hush

The kit contains one product to repair skin subjected to daily stress and another to relax and harmonize skin in an ideal balance. Honey*, hops* and oil of evening primrose have a regenerating, nourishing and toning action; at the same time, the complex of biotechnological sugars works in synergy with the oil of limnanthes and hydrolysed soya proteins to moisturise deep-down and prevent cell degeneration. Vitamins A and E with micro-encapsulated extracts of mallow*, olive leaf* and grape* have an anti-oxidant and vaso-protective effect that promotes greater vitality of the cells.

1.70 fl.oz. (50 ml) + 0.23 fl.oz (7 ml)


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