ef 40 C-Biosurge - 8143

ef 40 C-Biosurge

Shock treatment for tired and jaded skin, for periods of particular stress when cell renewal is reduced: changes in season, returning from a period of intense exposure to the sun and periods of fatigue when the skin subjected to stress cannot react effectively to increasingly pressing demands. Glycolic acid and fresh vitamin C are exfoliants of the top layers of the derma, promoting skin renewal and rejuvenating the appearance of the skin which will be more luminous, transparent, smooth and even. If used constantly it regenerates dryness and flaking skin, thickening and hyper-pigmentation marks; the turnover of the epidermic cells is accelerated and the skin appears more elastic and compact.

Proven efficacy: daily use of the product for a complete treatment provides an immediate improvement to the smoothness, firmness, luminosity and micro-rugosity of skin.

1 fl.oz. (30 ml)


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