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dsf 8 Office Booster

Innovative emulgel with protective, moisturising and anti-oxidant properties that re-establishes the correct moisture level and protects skin from multiple aggressions. Green tea leaf*, olive leaf*, grape*, vitamin E and soy lecithin have anti-oxidant, oxygenating and anti-pollution properties, a real breath of fresh air for skin stressed by outside attacks. Sweet clover*, cactus flower, althea root, hawthorn and mallow * have a soothing and decongesting effect for reducing redness and dryness; d-panthenol, sericin, hydrolysed soya proteins and extract of bamboo tone and maintain the hydro lipid level unaltered: the result is immediate well-being, moisture and protection to head off aggressions from urban life.

1 fl.oz. (30 ml)


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